Iván Fund

Iván FUND (1984, Argentina) started his career as a cinematographer in Buenos Aires. The short films he directed were warmly received at various film festivals. His short Sirenas (2007) was honoured with multiple awards. Since 2008, Fund has worked with Santiago Loza on a number of films. Their film The Lips (2010) was selected for Cannes and many other festivals. Today I Felt no Fear (2011) is the second feature he has directed solo.


Vals (2006, short), Sirenas (2007, short), El baile (2007, short), Divergir (2007, short), Un punto fijo (2007, short), Cíclope (2008), La risa/The Laugh (2009), Los labios/The Lips (2010, co-dir), Hoy no tuve miedo/Today I Felt no Fear (2011)