Isaac Julien

Alongside his work as director, Isaac Julien (1960, UK) gives lectures and publishes about black cultural politics, film, art and sexuality. His work has been shown in seminars as well as in museums and galleries, recently at the last edition of the Documenta in Kassel.


Who Killed Colin Roach? (1983, doc), Territories (1984), The Passion of Remembrance (1986), This is Not an AIDS Advertisement (1987, short), The Hat Videos (1987), Looking for Langston (1989), Young Soul Rebels (1991), Black and White in Colour (1992, doc), The Darker Side of Black (1994, doc), Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask (1996, doc), Three (1999, short), The Long Road to Mazatlan (2002), Paradise (2002, short), Baadasssss Cinema (2002)