Helke Misselwitz

Helke Misselwitz (1947, Zwickau) worked for nine years as assistant director and director of children's programmes for the East German TV station GDR. She studied directing at Babelsberg and worked for the DEFA documentary studio. Engelchen is her second feature.


TangoTraum/Tango Dream (1985), Winter Adé/Adieu Winter (1988), Wer fürchtet sich vorm schwarzen Mann/Who's Afraid of the Black Man (1989), Sperrmüll/Bulky Refuse (1990), Herzsprung/Heart Leap (1992), Leben ein Traum/Living a Dream (1994), Meine Liebe Deine Liebe/My Love Your Love (1995), Engelchen/Little Angel (1996)