Haroutiun Katchatrian

Haroutiun Katchatrian at IFFR

Haroutiun Katchatrian (1955, Akhalkalak, Georgia) is the son of Armenian parents. From 1977 to 1981 he studied film at the Abovian Institute in the Armenian capital Jerevan. He worked at the Armenfilm Studios as assistant cameraman and director.


Voices from our Neighbourhood (1981, short), Chronicles of an Event (1985, short), A Visit With the Commander (1986), Three Rounds in Yengibarian's Life (1986, short), Kond (1987, short), White Town (1989, short), The Wind of Emptiness (1990), Return to the Promised Land (1992), Verchin gayan / The Last Station (1994)

Haroutiun Katchatrian at IFFR

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