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Gaspar NOÉ (1963, Argentina) is director, producer and screenwriter. He spent his youth travelling between Argentina, Paris and New York. He studied philosophy and film at the Ecole Louis Lumière in Paris. Noé’s feature debut I Stand Alone (1998) won the Mercedes-Benz Award in Cannes. With a large number of short films, documentaries and features, Noé often disrupts and disturbs the viewer. Climax (2018) took home a number of prizes, among which the CICAE Award in Cannes.


(selection) Tintarella di luna (1985, short), Pulpe amère (1987, short), Carne (1991, short), Seul contre tous/I Stand Alone (1998), Sodomites (1998, short), Irréversible/Irreversible (2002), Intoxication (2002, short doc), Eva (2005, short), Enter the Void (2009), 42 One Dream Rush (2010, short), 7 días en La Habana/7 Days in Havana (2012, segment Ritual), Short Plays (2014, segment Argentina), Love (2015), Climax (2018)

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Gaspar Noé at IFFR

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