Fruit Chan

Fruit CHAN (1959, China) moved to Hong Kong in 1969. He was assistant director and line producer, before financial assistance from film star Andy Lau helped Chan to sit in the director's chair himself. Finale in Blood (1993) was his debut film. His films are particularly known for reflecting Hong Kong's everyday life. Made in Hong Kong won many local and international awards, including Best Picture Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1998.


(selection) Finale in Blood (1993), Heung Gong jai jo/Made in Hong Kong (1997), Qu nian yan hua te bie duo/The Longest Summer (1998), Xillian Xillian/Little Cheung (1999), Liulian Piao Piao/Durian Durian (2000), Heung Gong yau gok hor lei wood/Hollywood Hong Kong (2001), Ren min gong che/Public Toilet (2002), Dumplings (2004), The Midnight After (2014), Kill Time (2016)

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