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Federico VEIROJ (1976, Uruguay) has a degree in Social Communication from UCUDAL Uruguay/VCU USA. He worked at the Spanish Film Library and Archive in technical and programming areas, played a part in 25 Watts (Juan Pablo Rebella, Palbo Stoll, 2001) and directed a couple of short films. His debut feature film, Acné (2008), premiered at the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. Both this film and his second film, La vida útil/A Useful Life(2010), have won many awards. In 2015 El apóstata/The Apostate won the FIPRESCI Award and a Special Mention of the Jury at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. His fourth feature, Belmonte (2018), premiered in Toronto. 


(selection) Dreaming About You (2000, short), De vuelta a casa/Back Home (2001, short, co-dir), 50 Años de Cinemateca Uruguaya (2002, short doc, co-dir), Bregman, el siguiente/As Follows (2004, short), Acné (2008), La vida útil/A Useful Life (2010), Primera persona (2013, TV series), El apóstata/The Apostate (2015), Belmonte (2018)

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Federico Veiroj at IFFR

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