Fabienne Godet

Fabienne Godet at IFFR

Fabienne GODET (1964, France) is filmmaker and screenwriter. She began her career as a psycho-sociologist while directing short films. Her feature debut, Sauf le respect que je vous dois/Burnt Out (2006) - starring Olivier Gourmet, Dominique Blanc, Marion Cotillard and Julie Depardieu - received great critical acclaim and won awards in both Shanghai and Miami. Nos vies formidables/Our Wonderful Lives (2018), with its focus on a therapeutic centre, is reminiscent of Godet's background in psycho-sociology. The film will have its international premiere at IFFR. 


(selection) Un goût d’herbe fraîche (1994, short), Le soleil a promis de se lever demain (1995, short), La tentation de l'innocence/Temptation of Innocence (1999, short), Sauf le respect que je vous dois/Burn Out (2005), Ne me libérez, pas je m’en charge/My Greatest Escape (2009, doc), Une place sur la terre/A Place on Earth (2013), Nos vies formidables/Our Wonderful Lives (2018)

Fabienne Godet at IFFR

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