Eugène Doyen

Dr. Eugène DOYEN (1859, France) was one of the most famous surgeons of the early twentieth century and among the first to use cinema as a tool for research and education. He worked with Clèment Maurice, who helped him film 60 operations between 1898 and 1906. His films were well received at European medical conferences but strongly criticised by his French colleagues. Doyen was caught at the centre of controversy when it was discovered that some of his films were being secretly distributed at fairground shows. Unfortunately, almost all of his films were lost at the beginning of World War I.


Extirpations des tumeurs encapsulées (short films compilation, 1898-1906), Les opérations sur la cavité crânienne (short films compilation, 1898-1911), Separation des soeurs siamoises (1902, short)