Franziska LAMPRECHT and Hajoe MODEREGGER have been collaborating under the name eteam since 2001. They focus on the relationship between life on earth and the realms of internet. Eteam projects are mostly based on buying random pieces of land, on eBay or in Second Life. This proces is represented in hypnotic films, audio clips and novellas.


(all short) 1.1 Acre Flat Screen (2004), The Paradox of the 10 Acres Square (2005), Connections to and Through the Air (2007), International Airport Montello (2007), Prim Limit (2009), Truth in Transit (2010), Track One (2011), The Backup Tapes from Moon and Mars (2013), Phire (2013, instal), Waypoint, Follow, Orbit, Focus, Track, Pan (2017)