Erkka Nissinen

Erkka NISSINEN (b. 1975, Finland) studied art at schools in London and Helsinki. In 2007, he was artist-in-residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His work consists of videos, performances and comics. He won the Illy Prize in Rotterdam in 2011. Nissinen is co-founder and director of Handkerchief Production, a creative studio and fashion brand dedicated to interdisciplinary experiments in architecture, art and design.


(all short) Onion (1997), Helsinki 2000 (2000), A Man and a Carrot (2001), Helsinki 2000, Episode 2 (2001), Duplicator 1 (2002), Duplicator 2 (2002), The Social Construction of Reality (2005), Night School (2007), Vantaa (2008), West Project (2010), Name Me Me Man, Red Negative Evita Gender (2011), Rigid Regime (2012), Polis X (2012)