Erik van Lieshout

Erik van Lieshout at IFFR

Erik van LIESHOUT (1968, Netherlands) was educated in painting at the art academy in 's-Hertogenbosch and Atelier '63 in Haarlem. He also makes installations, sculptures and films. The artist looks at subcultures and the problems of urban life by putting himself into the actual environment in question. This causes humorous situations, but also provokes strong reactions from others. In 2018, he was selected as laureate of the Dr A. H. Heineken Prize for Art. He lives and works in Rotterdam.


(selection) Sauna (1998, instal), Zonnebank (1999, instal), EMMDM (1999, short), Grow and Blossom (2000, short), Lariam (2001, instal), Mary-Achi (2002, short), Respect (2003, instal), Happiness (2003, instal), Fantasy Me (2004, short), Awakening (2005, short), UP! (2005, short), Rotterdam-Rostock (2006, instal), ROCK (2006, short), Homeland Security (2007, short), Guantánamo Baywatch (2007, short), Peepshow (2007, instal), Sex is Sentimental (2009, short doc), Das Museum (2009, short), keine Kohle, kein Holz (2009, instal), Commission (2011, short), Janus (2012, short), Jail (2012, short), Ego (2013, instal), The Workers (2014, short), The Basement (2014, short), Work (2015, doc), Die Insel (2016, short doc), G.O.A.T. (2017, doc), Beer (2019, short)

Erik van Lieshout at IFFR

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