Elo Havetta

Elo Havetta at IFFR

Elo Havetta (1938-1975) was born in Nové Vozokany. He studied photography in Bratislava and directing in Prague and worked as e.g. window-dresser, photographer, graphic designer and art director. In 1969 he made his feature-film debut, Celebrationin a Botanical Garden. He also worked for television, making a film programme among others.


Films: Gotická manéz pre jedného / Gothic Circus Ring for One (1962), Svätá Jana / Saint Jane (1963), 34 dní absolútneho pokoja / 34 Days of Absolute Peace (1965), Predpoved: nula / Forecast: Naught (1966), Slávnost' v botanickej zárade / Celebration in a Botanical Garden (1969), Lalie polné / Field Lilies (1972).

Elo Havetta at IFFR

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