Elene Naveriani

Elene Naveriani at IFFR

Elene NAVERIANI (1985, Georgia) studied Painting and Multimedia at the State Academy of Art in Tbilisi and in Film at Geneva University of Art and Design. Naveriani's visual work has been exhibited in over fifteen shows since 2005, including an exhibition at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen.


Breakfast with Melano (2011, short), Oranges (2012, short), Mess up with Daddy (2012, short), Father Bless Us (2013, short), Les évangiles d'Anasyrma (2014, short), Me mzis skivi var dedamicaze/I Am Truly A Drop of Sun on Earth (2017)

Elene Naveriani at IFFR

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