Edmond Keosayan

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Edmond KEOSAYAN (1936, Armenia -1994, Russia) worked in a watch factory in Yerevan and studied economics before he graduated in 1964 in Moscow as a director with Gde Ty Teper, Maksim?/Where Are You Now, Maxim? (1964).


(Selection) Neulovimye mstiteli/The Elusive Avengers (1967), Novye priklyucheniya nuelovimykh/The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (1968), Korona Rossiyskoy imperi, ili snova neulovimykh/The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Once Again the Elusive Avengers (1971), Kogda nastupaet sentyabr/When September Comes (1975), Legend tzaghratzui masin/The legend of the Clown (1980), Vozneseniye/The Ascent (1988).

Edmond Keosayan at IFFR

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