Doplgenger Collective

Doplgenger Collective at IFFR

Doplgenger (Serbia) is the artist duo Isidora Ilić and Boško Prostran from Belgrade. They create experimental short films, installations and performances that investigate the relationship between art and politics through exploring (archival) moving images and their reception. Their work has been show in museums like Centre Pompidou in Paris, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, and films festival such as IFFR, Seattle IFF, Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival and Cairo Video Festival.


(selection, all short) Johnny’s Video (2006), Code (2007), Surplus (2008), Everyman’s Dream (2010), Fragments Untitled #1 (2012), Fragments Untitled #2 (2014), Fragments Untitled #3 (2015), Naš grad (2016), Beneath a Starless Sky as Dark and Thick as Ink (2016), Kameradin/Comrade Woman (2018)

Doplgenger Collective at IFFR

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