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Donal FOREMAN (1985, Ireland) has been making films since he was eleven years old. He went to the Irish National Film School and the Berlinale Talent Campus. Since then, he has written over fifty short films. At age 17, he won the title of Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year and in 2011 he became a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective. He completed his first feature film, Out of Here, in 2013. He also writes as a film critic and taught at many public schools across New York for the Tribeca Film Institute. The Image You Missed (2018), world premiere at IFFR, is his first long documentary.


(selection) Cuba, Christmas 2001 (2005, short doc), Under (2005, short doc), The Question I Don't Want to Answer (2005, short doc), The Smoke Parade (2005, short doc), Our Friend Peter (2005, short doc), December 28th, 2002 (2005, short doc), Film by the Sea (2005, short doc), When I Was 18 (2005, short doc), wsh: a film about the wind (2005, short doc), Three Ideas About the City (2006, short doc), Rehearsing Modern Dance (2006, short doc), In the Bathroom (2006, short doc), My Friend's House (2006, short), Removal (2006, short), NYP2 (2007, short doc), Where We Live (2007, short), Each Other (2007, short), You're Only What I See Sometimes (2008, short), Let's (2009, short), Declarations (2009, short doc), Pull (2009, short), Vienna Line (2010, short doc), Repeat (2009, short), Refuge (2010, short), 6 x Occupy (2011, short doc), Out of Here (2013), The Ghost Said II (2014, short), The Ghost Said I (2014, short), The Image You Missed (2018, doc)

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