Dirk Rijneke

Dirk Rijneke at IFFR

Dirk RIJNEKE worked in the 1970s for a year with filmmaker Frans Zwartjes at the Vrije Academie. Together with co-producer and co-director Mildred van Leeuwaarden, he has twice provided the opening film for the festival: Voro-Nova (1985), the favourite of festival founder Hubert Bals, and the internatonal episode film City Life (1999). His most recent film Nou, dat was het dan! (That's It!, 2005) will be screened at the festival (Dutch Perspective).


Ik hou het wel voor gezien/I Take it for granted (1973, short), ' t Is gewoon leven/Living One's life (1979), Pinkel (1982), Voro-Nova (1985), City Life (1990), De brugwachter/Bridge Keeper (1996),Bruggen/Bridges (1997, short), Nou, dat was het dan!/That's It! (2005)

Dirk Rijneke at IFFR

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