Debora Elgeholm

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Debora ELGEHOLM (1976, Sweden) received her MA from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg, followed by further studies at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. She mainly works with video, but makes use of different methods − from video essays and documentaries to animations and staged situations with actors. Her videos are at times complemented by photographs and drawings. Elgeholm's work has been exhibited worldwide.


(selection, all short) You come up to me and say, "There's a man here looking for you" (2003), 50/50 (2004), The Chosen One (2005), After Work (2006), Interview (2006), The Supper (2006), The Archives (2007), Suspension of Disbelief (2008), The Horizon of Events (2013), Visions in Norrland (2017), Not An Irrelevant Trifle (2017), The Cup Is Already Filling Up (2018), Not an Irrelevant Trifle (2019)

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Debora Elgeholm at IFFR

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