Davide Barletti

Davide Barletti at IFFR

In 1995, Davide BARLETTI and Lorenzo Conte founded the audio-visual collective Fluid Video Crew, which was the predecessor of their film company Fluid Productions. Between 1995 and 2005, the collective produced around 50 works, including films, documentaries, shorts and TV series shot on video and Super-8. The works deal with counter-culture news by discussing subjects like child labour, immigration and alternative culture. Since the start of Fluid Video Crew, the two directors have worked together on feature documentaries and feature films. The War of the Bumpkins (2017) is their second co-directed feature. 


Fuck You All (Fanculo a tutti) Glen E. Friedman - Photographer (1999, co-dir, short doc), I fantasisti: Le vere storie del calcio Napoli (1999, co-dir doc), Norge på langs: A Nord di me stesso (2000, co-dir doc), Life Sentence (2002, co-dir), Radio Egnatia (2008, doc), Diario di uno scuro (2008, doc), Il paese dove gli alberi volano (2015, Doc), La guerra dei cafoni/The War of Bumpkins (2017, co-dir) 

Davide Barletti at IFFR

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