David Zamagni

In 2000, David ZAMAGNI (1971, Italy) founded the ZAPRUDER filmmakers' group with Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti. This independent art-house group combines theatre, film and installation art. At IFFR 2012, the group's short film Joule was screened, in 2015 Speak in Tongues will be screened in Rotterdam.


(all co-dir) H.O.L.Y. (2000, short), Spring Roll (2001, short), Doggy Bag with Spring Roll (2002, short), J.G. (2002, short), Totentanz (2002, short), Rebus per Ada (2004, short), Morning Smile (2005, short), Daimon (2006, short), Pletora. Il dono (2008, instal), Fault (2009, short), Cock-Crow (2009, short), Slaughterhouse (2009), Joule (2010, short), All Inclusive (2010), SPELL (2011), The Hypnotist Dog (2011, short), Suite (2011, short), Sigla RomaFilmFestival (2012, clip), I topi lasciano la nave/The Rats Leave The Ship (2012, short), Pletora (2012, short), Speak in Tongues (2014, short)