Dan Browne

Dan BROWNE (1982, Canada) is a filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist from Toronto. His work has been exhibited in more than 50 film festivals and galleries worldwide. His short film memento mori (2012) won the Jury Prize for Best Canadian Work at WNDX Festival of Moving Image. Browne is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at York/Reyerson, focusing on the relationship between technology, art and embodiment.


(all short, selection) Festival of Light (2005), B Movie (2005/2012), Abraxas (2006), Festival of Light (2007), Waterfilm (2007), On Sundays (2007), Recomposition (2007), Quanta (2008), CITYRIDE (2008), Christian's Curtains (2009), Hand-processing (2010), Routes (2011), frampton's lemma (2011), Numbers (2011), memento mori (2012), Nude Descending (After Duchamp), flux/fall (2012), Tapestry (2013), Frameflow (2014), Pastoral (2014) Alberta (2014), Poem (2015)