Dénes Nagy

Dénes NAGY (1980, Hongary) graduated in directing at the University for Theatre and Film in Budapest. As a guest student he spent a year at the Berlin Film Academy, under the direction of Krassimir Krumov and Valeska Grisebach. During his university years he made several short films that were shown at many significant film festivals. Recently Nagy received a grant of the Nipkow Programm in Berlin, with which he is developing his feature film script.


(all short) 2003 November (2007), Kovács Éva/Eva Kovacs (2005), Láthatatlan ember/The Invisible Man (2006), Együtt/Together (2007), Russian Playground (2008, doc), Berlinskaya fuga (2009, doc), Riport/Report (2010), Saját ido/Own Time (2012, doc), Lágy eso/Soft Rain (2013), Másik Magyarország/Another Hungary (2013, short doc)