Cyrus Frisch

Cyrus Frisch at IFFR

Cyrus FRISCH (1969, Netherlands) graduated in 1992 from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. He works as a scriptwriter and director of films, documentaries and theatre. His work is surrounded by controversy. Critics call him an agent provocateur and a narcissist. In his work, Frisch provokes questions about the morality of the film maker and the viewer, who is thrown back and forth between disgust and fascination, but still keeps on looking. Many of his films have been screened in Rotterdam.


De kut van Maria/Maria's Cunt (1990, short), Welcome 1 (1991, short), Screentest (1992, short), Welcome 2 (1992, short), Zelfbeklag/Selfpity (1993, doc), Live experimenteren/Live Experiments (1995, short doc), Ik zal je leven eren.../I Shall Honour Your Life... (1997, short doc), Geen titel/No Title (1998, short doc), Vergeef me/Forgive Me (2001), Waarom heeft niemand mij verteld dat het zo erg zou worden in Afghanistan/Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me It Would Become This Bad in Afghanistan (2007), Blackwater Fever (2008), Oogverblindend/Dazzle (2009)

Cyrus Frisch at IFFR

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