Cláudio Assis

Cláudio ASSIS (1959, Caruaru, Brazil) started out as an actor. He made his first film, a short documentary, in 1986. Together with Marcelo Gomes in 1993, he founded the production company Parabólica Brazil, an NGO that produces short films and documentaries on the culture of the state of Pernanbuco in Brazil. Assis has directed several short films and documentaries. His second feature, Bog of Beasts, was a Tiger Award winner in Rotterdam in 2007. Rat Fever is his third feature.


Henrique, um assassinato politico (1986, short doc), Samydarsh: Os artistas da rua (1993, short, co-dir), Soneto do desmantelo blue (1993, short), Mestre de Ofícios by SEBRAE (1998, TV), Opara, tão grande quanto o mar (1998, short doc), Texas Hotel (1999, short), Mango Yellow (2002), Baixio das bestas/Bog of Beasts (2006), Febre do rato/Rat Fever (2011)