Christophe Van Rompaey

Christophe VAN ROMPAEY (1970, Gent, Belgium) made his internationally succesful and prizewinning debut feature Moscow, Belgium in 2008. Before that, he worked as a producer, director, editor and casting director. He studied at the RITS film school in Brussels, made a few shorts and worked for Flemish television. Lena is his second feature.


Grijs (1996, short), Ex.#N°1870-4 (1999, short), Oh My God?! (2001, short), Team spirit - de serie (2003, TV), 10 jaar Leuven kort (2004, short), Team spirit - de serie II (2005, TV), Halleluja! (2005, TV), Aanrijding in Moscou/Moscow, Belgium (2008), Vermist (2008, TV), Lena (2011)