Cho Seoungho

Cho Seoungho at IFFR

CHO Seoungho (1959, Korea) holds a MFA in Graphic Arts from Hongik University and a MFA in Video Art from the University of New York. Cho's work has been the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has been included in numerous international festivals and exhibitions. He lives and works in New York City.


(all short) The Big Sleep (1992), I Blinked Three Times (1993), The Island with Striped Sky (1993), Iris (1994), Forward, Back, Side, Forward Again (1995), Robinson or Me (From the Far East) (1996), Identical Time (1997), Rev (1997), Salt Creek (1998), Cold Pieces (1999), Linear Tracking (2000), 1/1 (2001), 67/97 (2001), Orange Factory (2002), Horizontal Silence (2003), WS.3 (2003), Untitled (2004), WS.2 (2004), Show Your Tongue (2005), Snap (2006), 0 (2007), I Left My Silent House (2007), Butterfly (2008), Buoy (2009), Shifted Horizon (2009), Unrendered, Media Offline (2009), Elliptic Intimacy (2010), Horizontal Intimacy (2010), Blue Desert (2011), Red Desert (2011), Stoned (2013), Latency Contemplation 2 (2017)

Cho Seoungho at IFFR

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