Charlotte Ginsborg

Charlotte Ginsborg at IFFR

Charlotte GINSBORG (1974, United Kingdom) was educated in film and video at Goldsmiths College in London. She directs films and videos in which documentary and fictional elements are interwoven. Her work has been screened in galleries and festivals in the United Kingdom and abroad.


(all short) Community Event (2002), Spade (2002), Seetha & Lamberto (2003), The Recreational and Open Space Project (2004), Tony & Charlotte (2005), Stretching out Flat (2005), The Mirroring Cure (2006), Husne Tekagac (2007, doc), Stephen Willat's 'A State of Agreement' (2008, doc), Over the Bones (2009, doc)

Charlotte Ginsborg at IFFR

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