Carlos Motta

Carlos MOTTA (1978, Colombia) attended several art academies in New York. In his work, he focuses mainly on photography and video installations. Motta observes the effects of political and historical events and suggests alternative visions. He has received multiple awards and grants, including the Guggenheim Fellowship.


(selection) Letter to My Father (Standing by the Fence) (2005, short), September 22, 2005 (2005, short), Memory of a Protest (2007, short), Lenigrad Triology (2008, instal), Resistencia y represión/Resistance and Repression (2010, short), Ivory Tower (2011), Where Do I Stand? Right, Left or the Human Kind? (2010, short), Nefandus Trilogy: Nefandus (2013, short); Naufragios/Shipwreck (2013, short); The Defeated/La visión de los vencidos (2013, short), Deseos (2015, short)