Bruno Delgado Ramo

Bruno Delgado Ramo at IFFR

Bruno DELGADO RAMO (1991, Spain) is an experimental filmmaker, researcher and architect. Both his artistic and academic work focuses mainly on the moving image. He describes his often interdisciplinary work as research that is grounded in artistic practice. Dealing with site-specific cinema and spatial questions in the city, Delgado Ramo works from a broad understanding of cinematic language.


(selection) Comienza y termina/Were it to Begin and Cease (2017), O aproveitamento da água na Ilha da Madeira/Utilisation of Water in Land of Madeira (2017, short), Der Archipelagus (2017), Bobinas ovinas 1-7/Sheep Reels 1-7 (2018, short), Reel in Colour #11 (2019, short), Una película en color/A Film in Colour (2019)

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Bruno Delgado Ramo at IFFR

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