Billy Roisz

Billy ROISZ (1967, Austria) lives and works in Vienna. She does video and sound experiments in performance, installation and cinema. She executes her projects solo, or in collaboration with experimental musicians. The short film Bring Me the Head of Henri Chrétien! (2013), co-directed with her life partner Dieter Kovačič, is part of Vertical Cinema, a compilation programme consisting of ten experimental films on 35mm celluloid, made for projection on a monumental vertical screen. She was also a co-organiser and programmer of REHEAT Festival.


Oberflch.avi (1999, short), Smokfrags (2001, short), Katapila (2002, short), My Kingdom for a Lullaby #4 (2002, short), Bling (2002, short), i/o (2003, short), -2.20 (2003, short), Broadway (2004, short), My Kingdom for a Lullaby #2 (2004, short), Sources (2004, short), BYE BYE ONE (2005, short), AVVA:ragtag (2006, short), Elesyn 15.625 (2006, short), Not Still (2008, short), Tilt (2008, short), Close your Eyes (2009, co-dir, short), BrRRMMMWHEee II (2010, short), Chiles en Nogada (2011, short), Zounk! (2012, short), Bring Me the Head of Henri Chrétien! (2013, co-dir, short), darkroom (2014, co-dir, short), THE (2015, co-dir, short), Toutes directions (2017, co-dir, short) Scary Objects (2017, co-dir, short), Paris (2017, short), Who's Afraid of RGB (2019, short), Styx (2019, short), AQUAMARINE (2019, co-dir, short), SURGE (2019, co-dir, short), TWIXT (2019, performance, co-dir)

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