Bernd Lützeler

Bernd Lützeler at IFFR

Bernd LÜTZELER (1967, Germany) graduated in 1998 in Visual Communication from Universität der Künste, Berlin, with the experimental video The Suspect Usual. Since then he has been living and working as a film, video and media artist in Berlin and Mumbai. His films have been shown at venues and festivals worldwide including Centre Pompidou, International Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco Cinematheque, Views from the Avant-Garde and many more. Bernd is an active member of the artist-run analogue film lab LaborBerlin.


(all short) Zeit im Bild (1992), Rauschlitanei (1993), Loop-o-Rama (1995-2000, instal), Eternal Showdown (1998, instal), The Suspect Usual (1998), True Love is just Filmi (2003), Rapid Eye Love (2005), The Voice of God (2011), Traveling with Maxim Gorkiy (2014), Nola’s saloN (2014, instal), Batagur Baska (by Guido Möbius) (2016), A Soundfilm (2017), Camera Threat (2017), _galore (2018), Fultu Faltu Filim (2018)

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Bernd Lützeler at IFFR

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