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belit sağ (1980, Turkey) is a videomaker and visual artist living in Amsterdam. She studied Mathematics in Ankara, before moving to the Netherlands and enrolling in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She has been involved with a number of video activist collectives in Turkey and has been an artist in residence at the Rijksacademie. Her politically engaged work focuses on the manipulation of media images, and has been presented in art spaces and film festivals including Toronto/Rotterdam/San Francisco International Film Festival, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, MOCA, Taipei and Tütün Deposu, Istanbul.


(selection, all short) Absences (2010), ‘thank you’ (2010), TURKS! (2010), Feng Shui (2010), Anti-Stockholm (2011), Past Forward (2011), ‘god forbid!’ (2011), Black-Out (2011), The First Day of Superman (2012), You Loved Her (2013), K1llth3gr00m (2014), Buluntu (Found) (2014), Soma’dan sesler (2014, doc), Lost (2014), And the Image Gazes Back (2014), What a Beautiful Voice, Act 1 (2015), My Camera Seems to Recognize People (2015), Eylül - Ekim 2015, Cizre/Sept. - Oct. 2015, Cizre (2015), A Yhan and Me (2016), Disruption (2016), Grain (2016), If You Say It Forty Times... (2017), Cut-out (2018), what remains (2019)

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