Aura Satz

Aura Satz

Aura SATZ (1974, Spain) is a London-based visual artist whose work encompasses film, performance and sculpture. In her work, Satz emphasises the complex relationship between humans and machines. All her recent video work has been approached from a media-archeological angle. She teaches at the Royal College of Art in London. Her latest films are Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken (2016) and the short film Entangled Nightvisions (2018).


Automamusic (2008, short), Sound Seam (2009, instal), Onomatopoeic Alphabet (2010, short), Oramics: Atlantis Anew (2011, short), Universal language: A Lost Manifesto (2012, short), Vocal Flame (2012, short), In and Out of Sync (2012, instal), Soundfigures (2013, instal), Joan the Woman - With Voice (2013, instal), Doorway for Natalie Kalmus (2013, short), Chromatic Aberration (2014, instal), The Trembling Line (2015, instal), Between the Bullet and the Hole (2015, short), Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken (2016, short), Entangled Nightvisions (2018, short)

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