Aryo Danusiri

Aryo DANUSIRI (1973, Indonesia) obtained his Master's degree in Visual Cultural Studies from Tromsø University in Norway in 2005. He is a filmmaker and anthropologist and makes documentaries and ethnographical films, mostly about human rights and ethnical tensions in Indonesia. He is head of Ragam, a network for the empowerment of Indonesian visual media for multicultural issues. Danusiri is currently doing his Ph.D. at Harvard University.


Jobless (1998, short), The Maiden of the Morning Star (2001, short), Viva Indonesia! (2002, co-dir), ACEH CHRONICLE (1999-2003), In the Name of Sami (2004, short), A Mail (2005, short), Lukas' Moment (2005), Bermain di antara gajah-gajah/Playing between Elephants (2007, doc), On Broadway (2010, short), The Flaneurs #3 (2013, short)