Artur Kotowski

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Dmitri FROLOV (1966, Leningrad) is one of the leading figures in Russian post-perestroika avant-garde cinema. He makes aesthetic experiments that refer to silent film and to a new level of film language.


[all shorts:] The Battle Borodino (1983), Theatre (1988), Akt (1989), Without Words (1990), Pasechnik (1991), Crazy Town (1992), The Bigmoon Nights (1993), Parapontiy Mazley (1994), Shatanger Aylok (1996), Underwater Guest (1997) Psycho Attack Over Soviets; Kara; The Leaving; Metamorphosis (1998), Decease; The Little Sotmaid (1999), Rumba; Near the Lake (2000), Ten Minutes of Silence; The Granny's Apocrypha (2001), Nightingale's Tango; The Two (2002), Papino Myaso/The Daddy's Meat (2004)

Artur Kotowski at IFFR

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