Arne Hector

Arne Hector

Still: urban solutions

Arne HECTOR has been collaborating with Minze Tummescheit under the name cinéma copains since 2000. Their experimental documentary works, which include lectures, performances, installations and films, reflect on social and economic issues. Based on interdisciplinary artistic research, their works transcend classical genre boundaries and are represented at both film festivals and art exhibitions. Pátio Vazio, the southern Brazilian production company of Luciana Mazeto and Vinícius Lopes, and cinéma copains first met in 2015. Supporting each other on various art and film projects, they spent many hours together in the darkroom, at the animation table and the copying machines of LaborBerlin, an independent artist-run filmlab in Berlin. urban solutions, part of the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition at IFFR 2022, is their first joint film project.


(selection, all co-dir) Jarmark Europa (2004, doc), in arbeit / w toku / en construction / lavori in corso (2013), Fictions and Futures #1 - Happiness in the Abstract (2014, instal), Whose Hand was It? (2018, short), urban solutions (2022, short)

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