Still: (sans)(image)

arc, an ongoing project by the filmmaker known as tooth (USA), has been a mainstay in the Bay Area experimental scene for many years. They run a free and open-to-the-public cinema (Black Hole Cinematheque), helped found a new lab (Black Hole Collective Film Lab) and a celluloid-only film festival (Light Field). They’re continuously shooting and making new work, often shown at packed venues at various in-the-know, small, experimental theatres. Favouring analogue-only screenings, their work is often performance-based expanded cinema and single screen 16mm films, where they run layered multiple 16mm projectors, and create a live accompanying score through various instruments and feedback. Their work encourages trance-like meditative spectatorship that relies heavily on the sensation of light reflecting in a darkened room full of vibrating tones.


(all short) no translation (2009-2015), year of the rabbit (2011), moyah pravda newsreel (2011), january coda (2012), protection ritual (2012), palms (2012), every second has been dreamed of many times before (2013), a turn in air, an impossibility (2013) (sans)(image) (2014), the arc of the sun (2012), the sea the other day or so it seems (2013), polar forces (2013), hexagram (2014), lost sight (2014), blood signs (2015), s/x (2016), conical signal (2016), ascensions (2017), broken symmetry (2019), within the prism (2020), window (2020), breathing (2020), katabasis (2021), infinite column (2021), field (2022)

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