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ARAKI Yu (1985, Japan) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis and completed his Master of Film and New Media Studies at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2007. He met Daniel Jacoby in 2010 during a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site. Both their works have been highly influenced by their travels. Fiction is often used by them as a tool to comprehend the puzzling cultural and socio-political differences between destinations. Their first film made as a duo is Mountain Plain Mountain (2018). Araki’s work has been screened internationally.


(all short) Search (2009). Baguette Walk (2010), Waiting (2011), ), Almost Down (2012), The New Flag (2012), The Politics of Sausages (2012), Terra Incognita (2012), Entrevoir (2013), Angelo Lives (2014), Motherlands (2014), Deep Road Movie (2014), Olafur (2014), Penelope’s Hand (2016), Searching the Original (2016), The Temple of the Templet (2016), Wrong Revision (2018), Mountain Plain Mountain (2018, co-dir)

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