Antoine Birot

Antoine BIROT is a French multimedia artist, musician and sculptor. He founded Le LaRIO in 2002 and in 2005 he joined the French collective Group ZUR. In 2007 he set up the Jardins d'Oeuvriers festival. He started a residency at the Montrelais Centre d'Art in 2010, resulting in a 2011 exhibition. The performance and short film Wavelength (2016) was presented as one of the highlights of the 25 FPS Festival in Zagreb in 2019. His works have been exhibited and performed worldwide.


(selection) Eole (2009, instal), Petit cheval mécanique (2014, short), Cantoche (2015, instal), Les haleurs (2015, instal), Wavelength (2016, short), Les Lames (2016, instal), La Nécessité d'avancer (2017, instal), Chiens de garde (2017, instal), Agonie (2017, short), L'enfant et la mer (2019, instal), Wavelength (2019, performance, co-dir)

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