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Annik LEROY (1952, Belgium) is a cinematographer and director. Her feature films Berlin - de L'aube à la nuit (1981) and Vers la mer (1999) were selected in Berlin. Somewhere between speculation and reality, her installation and meditative films explore the dark areas of European history. Leroy has taught at ERG and LUCA Hogeschool Sint-Lukas.


Le paradis terrestre (1973, short), Undermost #1 (1974, short), NBC (1975, short), Ekho (1976, short), In der Dämmerstunde Berlin de l’aube à la nuit (1981), Vers la mer (1999), fffff+ppppp (2000, short), Cell 719 (2006, short), Meinhof. 3 (2008, short), Tremor - Es ist immer Krieg. (2017)

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Annik Leroy at IFFR

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