Anne Charlotte Robertson

Anne Charlotte Robertson at IFFR

Anne Charlotte ROBERTSON (1949-2012, United States) attended an art course in Boston in the 1980s. Her Super8 films focused on her personal life, especially in her magnum opus Five Years Diary (1981-1997). In this, Robertson recorded 15 years of her life, which she then edited down to 36 hours of visual material.


Experiment (1976, short), Pixillation (1976, short), Spirit of ’76 (1976, short), Subways (1976, short), Dawn (1979, short), Snoozalarm (1979, short), Suicide (1979, short), Homebirth (1980, short), Locomotion (1981, short), Out a Window (1981, short), Going to work (1981, short), Lonely streets (1981, short), Five Year Diary (1981-1997, series), Magazine Mouth (1983, short), Depression Focus Please (1984, short), Talking to Myself #1 (1985, short), Kafka kamera (1985, short), Fruit (1985, short), Rotting Pumpkin (1985, short), Anne Robertson (1985, short), My Obsession (1986, short), The Nude (1987, short), With Clothes (1987, short), Talking to Myself #2 (1988, short), Weight (1988, mid-length), Diet (1988, short), Apologies (1990, short), Melon Patches (1998, short), Alien Corn (1998, short), Artist's Residency (2001, mid-length), My Cat, My Garden and 9/11 (2001, short)

Anne Charlotte Robertson at IFFR

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