Angelina Vázquez

Angelina VÁSQUEZ (Chile, 1950) is a documentary filmmaker and as one of the first female film directors is a notable figure in Chilean cinema. During the coup in 1973 she was exiled from Chile to Finland, however, during the early 1980s she returned in secret to film the early happenings of the Pinochet dictatorship. Most of her work was produced in exile. Fragmentos de un diario inacabado (1983) is part of the IFFR 2024 Focus: Chile in the Heart.


(selection, all doc) Crónica del salitre (1971), Dos años en Finlandia (1975), Así nace un desaparecido (1977), Gracias a la vida (o la pequeña historia de una mujer maltratada) (1980), Presencia lejana (1982), Apuntes nicaragüenses (1982), Fragmentos de un diario inacabado (1983), Notas para un retrato de familia (1989), Empresarias de Madrid (1989)

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