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André FORCIER (1947, Canada) is a Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter known for capturing figures on the fringes of Quebec's society in a magic-realist style. He became interested in film during college after winning a Radio Canada contest with an 8mm film, and in 1966 he self-financed and produced his first 16mm short film. Forcier has continued to make films over the last five decades.


Chroniques labradoriennes (1967, short), Le retour de l'immaculée conception (1971), Bar Salon (1974), Night Cap (1974, short), L'eau chaude, l'eau frette (1976), Au clair de la lune (1983), Kalamazoo (1988), Une histoire inventée (1990), Le vent du Wyoming/A Wind from Wyoming (1994), La comtesse de Bâton Rouge/The Countess of Baton Rouge (1997), Gumb-Oh! Là! Là! (2003, TV series), Acapulco Gold (2004), Les états-Unis d'Albert (2005), Un cri au bonheur (2007), Je me souviens (2009), Coteau Rouge (2011), Embrasse-moi comme tu m'aimes (2016), Les fleurs oubliées (2019)

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André Forcier at IFFR

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