Ana Elena Tejera

Ana Elena Tejera at IFFR

Filmmaker and actress Ana Elena TEJERA (Panama) studied psychology, performing arts and documentary making. She was one of the young artists at the French post-graduate art and audiovisual research centre Le Fresnoy, and specialised in screenwriting, found footage and film restoration at the School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property in Madrid. In addition to making short documentaries (which received several awards), she has a variety of artistic activities on her slate – from performance and installations to film-archive restoration. Panquiaco (2020), winner of the Primera Mirada prize for best work in progress at the IFF Panama, is her first feature film.


Revelar (2017, short doc), Lucíamor (2018, short doc), Negre macha (2019, short doc), Panquiaco (2020)

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Ana Elena Tejera at IFFR

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