Alexei Balabanov

Alexei BALABANOV (1959-2013, Russia) studied at the Institute for Foreign Languages in Gorky and then attended a course in scriptwriting and directing in Moscow. He worked from 1983 to 1987 as assistant director at the Sverdlovsk film studios. Prior to his feature debut, Happy Days (1991), he made two documentaries. Brother (1996) was his international breakthrough. The Rotterdam Festival has presented most of his films, such as Of Freaks and Men (1998), Cargo 200 (2007) and Me Too (2012). Also see


Yegor and Nastya (1989, doc), From the History of Aerostatics in Russia (1990, doc), Schastlivije dny/Happy Days (1991), Zamok/The Castle (1994), Trofim (1995, short), Brat/Brother (1996), Pro ourodov i lioudiei/Of Freaks and Men (1998), Brother 2 (2000), Reka/The River (2002), Voina/The War (2002), Zhmurki/Dead Man's Bluff (2005), Mne ne bolno/It Doesn't Hurt (2006), Gruz 200/Cargo 200 (2007), Morfi/Morphia (2008), Kochegar/A Stoker (2010), Ja tozhe hochu/Me Too (2012)