Alain Gomis

According to Alain GOMIS the character of Félicité was modelled on the strong women in his family. The French director was born in Paris in 1972, but his parents were from Guinee-Bissau and Senegal. He studied art history and film at the Sorbonne and won a Silver Leopard in Locarno for his debut L’afrance/As a Man in 2001. Félicité (2017) was awarded the jury prize in Berlin.


Caramels et chocolats/Chocolates and Caramels (1996, short), Tout le monde peut se tromper/Everyone Can Make Mistakes (1998, short), Tourbillons/Whirlwinds (1999, short) L’afrance/As a Man (2001), Petite lumière/Little Light (2003, short), Ahmed (2006, short) Andalucia (2007), Aujourd’hui/Today (2011), Les délices du monde (2012, TV), Félicité (2017)