Agustí Villaronga

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Agustí VILLARONGA (1953, Spain) was born on the Spanish island of Majorca. After obtaining a degree in History of Art at the University of Barcelona he made various short films and documentaries. For his early shorts, he was given an award by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and by the Catalan Government. His debut feature In a Glass Cage (1987) is one of the most disturbing films of the 1980s.
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Anta mujer (1976, short), Al-Mayurka (1980, short), Laberint (1980, short), Tras el cristal/In a Glass Cage (1987), El niño de la luna/Moonchild (1989), El drac de na Coca (1990, video), Al-Andalus (1992, doc), El passatger clandestí/El pasajero clandestino (1995, TV), Pedagogía aplicada (1996, TV), 99,9 (1997), Pedagogia aplicada (1997, TV), El mar/The Sea (2000), Aro Tolbukhin- En la mente del asesino (2002, co-dir), Fuck Them All (2005, video), Miquel Bauçá: poeta invisible/Miquel Bauçá: Invisible Poet (2006, doc), Després de la pluja/After the Rain (2006, TV), 50 años de fe en España (2009, TV), Pa negre/Black Bread (2010)

Agustí Villaronga at IFFR

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