Adrian Melis

Adrian Melis at IFFR

Adrian MELIS (1985, Cuba) is a maker of short films. Besides short films his work consists of installations and photography. Political themes are at the core of his work, especially the political situation in his country of origin, Cuba. Melis lives and works in Barcelona.


(selection, all short) Vigilia/Night Watch (2005-2006, doc), ¿Cómo se construye un almacén?/How is an storehouse built? (2007), Here Everybody Takes Care of Me (2007), Elaboración de cuarente piezas rectangulares para la construcción de un piso/The Making of Fourty Rectangular Piece for a Floor Construccion (2008), The Value of Absence - Excuses to Be Absent from Your Work Center (2009-2010, doc), Moments That Shaped the World I -III (2012-2013), Ovation (2013), The New Man and My Father (2015)

Adrian Melis at IFFR

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