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Paulina Villavicencio

Paulina Villavicencio graduated as a producer from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). She founded Disruptiva Films in 2018, with the vision and need to produce short and feature films with thoughtful and contemporary stories. Huesera is her first feature film as a producer, a film written and directed by Michelle Garza Cervera. It won the Best New Narrative Director Award and the Nora Ephron Award at Tribeca 2022. Recently, in Sitges, it won the Citizen Kane and Best Ibero-American feature film awards. Currently, along with Julia Cherrier, Paulina is producing Después (Afterwards), the second feature film by Sofía Gómez Córdova, a contemporary drama with multi-image format proposals, which offer various timelines in its narrative form.

Disruptiva Films - Mexico

Disruptiva Films, is a Mexican film production and sound post-production company based in Mexico City founded in 2018. It is a production house of short films and feature films focusing on fiction. It seeks creative work along with filmmakers from the development phase to the production and post-production lifecycle, to create films with risky and thematic proposals by means of horror and drama genres. Through alliances and co-productions with different countries, it has achieved the consolidation of projects and narratives that are reflected in: Huesera by Michelle Garza Cervera (México-Perú, 2022), Los Inocentes by Germán Tejeda (Perú-México, 2023) and La Venganza de Jairo by Simón Hernández (Colombia - México, 2018), among others.


Projects in development

Estaré (I'll be there) by Juan Pablo Villavicencio (feature)

Las imágenes perdidas de nosotros (The lost images of us) by Diana Aguilar Cabello  (feature)


Projects in post-production

Después by Sofía Gómez Córdova (feature)


Released films

Huesera by Michelle Garza Cervera (feature)

Paulina Villavicencio

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